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Teach you how to distinguish the quality problem of ceiling fan lamp easily

2020-07-25 09:04:19

Ceiling fan lamp because of its energy-saving effect is obvious, service life is long, no strobe effect, no noise, soft light work voltage range is wide and so on characteristics and is welcomed by consumers day by day. But at present the ceiling fan lamp enterprise on the market is very many, the product quality is good and bad intermingled. So how to choose and buy the right product, is the consumer concerned about the matter, how to judge the quality of ceiling fan lamp pros and cons? We can look at it from four aspects:

First, look at the packaging and label

The state requires the manufacturers of LED lamps to mark the following contents on the outer package: rated voltage, voltage range, rated power and rated frequency. Generally speaking, the trademark of high quality products is of good printing quality, clear font, not easy to fall off, wipe with a soft wet cloth, clear logo, not easy to erase, the manufacturer's trademark and related certification marks. Fake and shoddy products have poor printing quality, vague fonts, easy erasure, and no manufacturers' trademarks and relevant certification marks.

Second: look at the working temperature

Ceiling fan lamp is in normal working condition, its temperature rise should be very low. Otherwise, ceiling fans have a short life span. At the same time, when the fan lamp is lit, it will flash very quickly, or it will be dazzling and fluctuate, which indicates that the energy-saving lamp has quality problems.

Third: look at the appearance

The real ceiling fan lamp, is to use three primary color tube, tube white, with the hand to cover to see, more white, at the same time can put a number of tubes together to compare, tube shape and size consistency is better is more large-scale production of products, quality is guaranteed. At the same time, the shell can not have cracks, loose, the seal should not be pried marks, in the process of installation and disassembly, the lamp holder should not be loose, crooked head phenomenon.

Fourth: Look at the design

A lot of things can be seen from above the design of ceiling fan lamp, whether the businessman is careful for instance, whether the product is designed up and down again. So as to judge the quality of the lamps and lanterns. If the design is very good, the quality is certainly not bad, because poor quality products, no one to design, on the contrary, a good design, there must be a good product.


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